Canadian certified organic and natural super foods and healthy beverages for the entire family

Organic & gluten-free quinoa products (grains and mixes, cereals, pasta, soups, snacks, cookies, etc.)

Organic vegetarian snacks & trail mixes (nuts, dry fruits, sesame squares, etc.) salty or sweetened with maple syrup

Organic dried fruits and nuts in retail bags or in bulk

Organic Super Foods gluten free and non-GMO (chia seeds, nuts, trail mixes, seeds, rice, grains, quinoa, raw cocoa beans & nibs, etc.)

Organic maple water in 330 ml & 500 ml tetra paks

Organic maple syrup, organic maple jelly & organic maple sugar

Organic 100% pure maple syrup in 250 ml squeezable bottles

Organic 100% pure unpasteurized honey in 500g squeezable bottles

Organic agave syrup in 360 ml squeezable bottles

Organic non-alcoholic Sparkling Fruit Juices – Apple, Apple & Grape, Apple & Cherry and Apple, Pear & Cranberry – in 750 ml glass bottles

Organic fruit juices: Apple & Cranberry, Pear, Apple & Peach and Apple & Cherry in 950 ml PET bottles

Organic fruit juices: Pear, Apple & Peach in 300 ml PET bottles

Organic slimming teas (private labels only)

Organic herbal & fruit teas in pyramid & standard teabags (finished products, private labels or bulk)

Dried cranberries (organic and conventional) in bulk (original and with natural flavors such as: orange, strawberry, raspberry, cherry and with maple syrup)

Organic flax, quinoa & chia crackers in 90g bags

Organic mini brownies (cookies) in 150g bags

Fruit vegan gluten free crackers, made with 100% natural and organic ingredients: Grape & Coriander and Tomato & Pumpkin flavours

Gourmet biscotti made with non-GMO and gluten free conventional & organic ingredients

Pure 100% natural fruit juices: Cranberry, Prune nectar, Carrot, Grape, Pomegranate and Blueberry in 950 ml plastic bottles

Non-alcoholic Sparkling Fruit Juices in 750 ml glass bottles: Apple, Apple & Cranberry, Pear, Raspberry Lemonade






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